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Guaranteed authenticity
The authenticity of the prints, their attribution and their description from the catalogue on the site are all guaranteed. In case of an error or in case of the delivered print differing from what was expected (the scans in the online archives of Art&Paper will be used for comparison), the print can be returned within 7 days and payment will be fully refunded for the print. All prints are fine impressions in good condition unless otherwise noted. Measurements are those off the borderlines and are in centimetres, height before width.

Conditions of sale
The prints will be delivered upon receipt of payment. The cost of delivery, export costs, taxes and other related costs must be paid by the buyer. By placing the order, the client accepts the conditions mentioned above. Due to the nature of our catalogue, prices and availability are subject to change at any time.

Art & Paper uses matting according to museum standards.
Conservation, restoration and expertise services are provided on demand.
We are always available via phone or email, search for and suggest prints or provide additional information on our catalogue.

Privacy policy
Your details will be kept on record only for the marketing purposes of Art&Paper and will not be sold or distributed to any other gallery or company.